Eco Friendly

Real Christmas trees are a sustainable, environmentally friendly product. Growing trees is environmentally friendly. Here are a few facts about the sustainability of our industry.

  • For each tree harvested, one is planted in its place.
  • As they are growing, natural Christmas trees support life by absorbing toxic carbon dioxide, and other gases, and emitting fresh oxygen.
  • Two acres of Christmas trees produce enough oxygen each day for forty people.
  • There are approximately more than one million acres of Christmas trees growing each day in the United States, making oxygen for eighteen million people.
  • Recycled Christmas trees are used to prevent soil erosion and as fertilizer for gardens.
  • 98% of Christmas trees are produced in special farms.
  • We coordinate and work with rehab centers. We provide jobs to one of the most vulnerable sectors in our society.

Christmas trees are turned into mulch and repurposed for gardens, paths and compost.

eco friendly

Some zoos around the world elect to give your old trees to their in-house elephants. Christmas trees help supplement their diet. The trees also supply them with nutrient-rich resin. What’s more, the elephants really seem to enjoy their seasonal snack.

Christmas trees act as an artificial habitat for fish in lakes. These discarded trees are collected by DNR (Division of Natural Resources) every year and are sunk into the lakes of West Virginia. They act as artificial reefs and help provide the fish with hiding places to ambush their prey. According to Scott Blake, a diving enthusiast from Tyler Mountain, these trees are extremely beneficial to fish breeding in lakes.

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